Microsoft Word

Many new features have been added to Microsoft Word since it first appeared in 1983. Now one of the most widely used of the Microsoft Office programs, Microsoft Word offers exceptional versatility for creating and editing documents regardless of whether they are short or long, simple or complex.

Not every one who uses Microsoft Word will use all of its functions. M.S Planet Computer Training can be customised to meet the needs of specific users. For example, individual training on mail merge may suit one user, while another may want to be trained on formatting long documents.

The following are just some of the features and functions within Microsoft Word. M.S Planet Computer Training courses can provide either an overview of all or detailed training on whatever topics you choose.

  •  Creating a document
  •  Page & Section Breaks
  •  Working with existing documents
  •  Creating Templates
  •  Working with text
  •  Working in Columns
  •  Formatting documents
  •  Creating Tables
  •  Page layout
  •  Creating Forms
  •  Headers & Footers
  •  Mail Merge
  •  Bullets & Numbering
  •  Tracking Changes
  •  Creating and Modifying Styles
  •  Outline View and Navigation Pane
  •  Working with Pictures
  •  Creating Diagrams

Word Screens

Word Pictures

"M.S Planet Computer Training was relevant, practical, able to match the varying skills of the participants and have everyone come out with the 'WOW' factor and feeling like real improvements in the way we do things is achievable.

The staff all enjoyed the training. At no point did anyone feel that something was beyond them or beneath them. This is a significant achievement in a diverse group.

We would definitely choose M.S Planet for our future computer training."

Tanya Gilchrist
Samarinda Aged Services

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